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Xiang Chunling Xi Jinping: Yunnan how to solve "poverty alleviation" three questions – Beijing to Chun Ling in Yunnan minority poverty county, rural poverty research (Xiang Chunling for map) Chinese network China Development Gateway news (reporter Wang Qian intern reporter Wang Yihong; Wang Yuying) for the 2020 fully completed the great goal of well-off society, poverty alleviation has become one of the China the most important work at present. In the poverty alleviation work conference, the general secretary Xi Jinping put forward and answered "who support" and "who to help", "how to help" three key problems, emphasis on poverty alleviation has reached its final stage, kenyinggutou crucial pull village. In the vast rural areas, the practice of precision poverty? For crack poverty three questions and what experience? Central Party School professor, Department of social development theory of Xiang Chunling Department of Yuxi, Honghe, Kunming Yunnan into three poor rural minority poverty county, research, brought Yunnan grass-roots practice answers. How to identify poor households? Layers of review + look back in the process of precision poverty alleviation, the object of this is the most basic work. So poor households is how to identify? Xiang Chunling said, "I went to Luquan in Kunming Yi and Miao Autonomous County town Town Village celery screen book there are 2 groups of villagers, the village, the first group of 19 households. Of the 1 households in 3 households participatory indexes. But when the villagers, there are 5 households are very poor. Finally, from the 5 households in comparison, rating out of 3 households filing riser." What is the review process? Xiang Chunling gives the answer: the first is the poor farmers to apply, then the Congress of democratic appraisal of the villagers, and then handed over to the village or village team to verify, Township People’s government audit, the County Office of poverty alleviation and review announcement. "There are two publicity, publicity on the village after village, complete assessment but also for publicity, publicity to let the villagers see the top is not poor, there exist unfair situation, we finally submitted to the county supervision, examination and approval." Xiang Chunling pointed out that after the bottom-up democratic evaluation, publicity, and then determine the government approval, list of poor households is the villagers basic recognition. Previously, some areas of poor households to determine the existence of gifted affectionate friends should be avoided, now this happens through strict democratic procedures. "More recently, Yunnan has been called ‘look back’. What do you mean? For example, after the end of last year to do poor households after a few months to identify, to send a team dedicated to check the implementation of the measures are unfair, since the situation has not changed the poor households." Xiang Chunling introduction, the poor population is dynamic, if after a period of time has been out of poverty, such as houses for consumption of cars, or opened small businesses, engage in investment. "It can’t be participatory households. Of course, the village cadres, financial personnel is not when filing riser households. Xiang Chunling pointed out that, by doing some "look back" initiative, will have personnel as soon as possible out of poverty row away from poor households, but also can correct may appear early mistakes in the work, the real poor households in national policy support. Cloud.相关的主题文章: