Xuanmen master do not look at the face to create good play high Yan value weapons come out winfast

"Xuanmen master" do not look at the face to create good show high values Yan Tencent entertainment news in the advent of weapons "to see the face of the era, Gao Yan star up phenomenon can be described as a series of" master "Xuanmen beyond count, and dare to break the conventional industries, bold use of new actors in the new in order to be different, at the same time, the day before the exposure series a group of" high Yan value weapons "poster again caused onlookers, imaginative style, gorgeous fantasy colors also let the audience fatigued to taste some fresh taste". "High value Yan weapon" sincere 1000 weapon show a little less imagination of a powerful and unconstrained style routines, more sincere. In the fantasy adaptation of IP get together on the occasion, as the original project "Xuanmen master" will be how to conflict the siege, innovation in shape, scenes, props and so on, to avoid routine and empty, to give the audience a powerful and unconstrained style fresh, eye-catching. The exposure of the high yen value weapon "is the first poster reassurance to the audience. Only from the current exposure of a small part of weapons, weapons and different characters have their own characteristics, not many similar "embarrassment, but as different pieces of art. Which is named "artifact day sword", but the actress Fifi (Wang Xiuzhu ornaments) from "magic robbery into large array" on the journey "good partner". This sword turned from a "day water flow" of the spar, the sword body Biying Tong Tsui, exudes a faint green light, slender shape is more suitable for women to palm. The jade "no scale Aegis" Jinyu phase, not only have a guardian of the iron bastions, the attacks are also underestimated. In addition, Shen Yang Jian’s axe, Donghuang Taiyi "Jin Jian", and "fire from the ancestors of Shenhuo", are unique in the "attitude" staged a chic Show, not the negative evaluation of "high color value". A high-tech weapons production standard of conscience crew were broken through nothing new under the sun, under the tournament details. One left only a skilled craftsmen, beautiful design. Behind this low-key luxury weapon Show, buried a huge manufacturing history. It is understood that the actor is a huge lineup, only break into the array into a large array of magic robbery road "has 49 characters, and holding weapons in the escalating hit array process, shooting the required total weapons production of up to more than 1 thousand, production capacity and production as the first time Chong has become a major difficulties in making. The crew revealed that these weapons from design to production to complete the entire cycle of up to 3 months, each from the design concept to the formation of the integration of the integration of the plot and the role of the elements, so that each weapon has its own characteristics. The Fifi "Sky Sword" only in the production took 12 days, iron wolf weapons made of 15 days, the longest production cycle weapons "cloud umbrella" is for 25 days, it is said that the protagonist Zhang Ling (Tong Mengshi) will carry the treasure in the next round of weapons from the public appearance of sincerity. Although the task is arduous, but the crew is still difficult to meet. In order to make the ideal into reality, art director Zhong Zhipeng said: (weapons manufacturing) process using 3D three-dimensional sculpture, metal plating, in terms of materials are also used fiber, carbon fiber board, etc..相关的主题文章: