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Yan Lianke: literature can exist in real life and imagined – China News Agency in Hongkong in September 23 Beijing Xinhua: Yan Lianke: literature can exist in real life and imagination beyond the China News Agency reporter Ceng Ping mainland writer Yan Lianke with the novel "Japan" quenching was the sixth "dream of Red Mansions award first prize. He recently accepted an interview with China News Agency reporters in Hongkong, said that in writing the "day out" this novel is very clear that the literature can exist in real life and imagination. One of the main themes of the day out is that some people in the village are suffering from sleepwalking. Yan Lianke will be the first story of the real life of the story, the imagination is the second space, and the way of storytelling is not the first space, nor is it the second space. He described it as sleepwalking in his own eyes: it is imagined, but all put into action, have taken place in life, but it is not like we talk about the reality of space, perhaps third, fourth space. "Literature does not always happen in life, in imagination, there are many places can be the existence of literature." This is a reflection of Yan Lianke’s literary writing of "the day out". Start with the idea for the novel from Yan Lianke six years ago in a country experiencing the crematorium. Relatives told him to give the crematorium sent cigarette point to send wine, otherwise it will be burned or not clean will be delayed. This let him feeling "original crematorium so complex". And heard about the crematorium "gory details", Yan Lianke is thought by a clue as the story in the crematorium, and then in the past novels written in no big space as a storytelling method. Have the two, then the characters in the story under the inner world, to describe the state of the soul. Yan Lianke nearly half the time to complete the film about 18 words of the novel. The next step is to modify the local plot. "This is the most frequently changed in all my novels." Yan Lianke said that the novel from the background of the history of the grand narrative, not as dramatic as the previous works, there is no great contradiction between people, it is quite challenging to write". The writers, publishers, friends and himself of the creative writing class in Renmin University of China participated in the revision of the novel, and even the novel was changed five or six times after it was published in Taiwan. "I think if you look at it now, I want to change it." He said. "Dream of Red Mansions award judges committee chairman Zhong Ling said to Yan Lianke the word, the structure of the novel complete and rigorous, precise processing time and creative (the story of the time less than 24 hours), the dark side of human nature not only write, write the bright side of human nature. It is also the place where the novel fascinates Yan Lianke: the best, the most instinctive, and the most humanitarian. Multiple modifications also focus on the details. He said that the characters became more complex, each character has a very small, good, beautiful, simple side. Employed by Hong Kong University Science & Technology, Yan Lianke now has six months to teach in Hongkong. He revealed相关的主题文章: