Yang Yang, Zhong Hanliang, who is the real man to restore the main characters in the novel ca1810

Yang Yang, Zhong Hanliang, who is the real man to restore the main characters in the novel? Public concern number Sina micro plastic, see more exciting original content! The recent hit drama "smiled very little" Gu diffuse novels again fire times. From the "Shanshan" to the "energy-saving" to the present "smile", Gu big girl Minmeng success style of the novel captured a large number of users. So the three novels of the same name adapted from the TV series, who starred in the title of God to restore the novel? 1, "Shanshan coming" – Teng letter (Zhang Hanshi) in the novel "Shanshan to eat", the male letter Teng is a calm, careful, even a bit old-fashioned. When the boss met the full four dimensional thought small confused Xue Shanshan, seems particularly by subtly malicious and bullying nature gradually exposed. Zhang Han since his debut movie since has been to overbearing president for labels, naturally comes with the kind I call president I am proud of the style to a large number of fans. Overbearing, high cold, love the personality label had been Zhang Han behaved perfectly. However, Xiao Bian think, in "Shanshan coming" does not feel the breath too belongs to the "letter of president Tang". Zhao Liying could deduce Xue Shanshan too dazzling, cut to Zhang Han, will play, to see if a mature version of Murong clouds. 2, "energy-saving" — why Chen (Zhong Hanliang) this is a small part of the love novels Gu diffuse character. He Yichen is the C law school wit, handsome, tall and straight, indifferent eyes, calm and confident. And these are Zhong Hanliang superb acting out. Although the Lord Tang Yan is the play, but Wallace is absolutely idol type in acting, so don’t put a thousand years to see idol who was also addicted to. In fact, Xiaobian always felt small wow acting better than many mainland strength actor, but may be more eye-catching appearance on the TV screen, most of the audience or focus too much on his face while ignoring his acting ability. Hope that such an idol and strength of the actors can receive more points for their role. 3, "smiled very little" — Xiao NaI (Yang Yangshi) this drama is the extent of the fire and. In the novel the Xiao Nai is a computer genius, or a swimmer, slightly nuanced. While Yang Yang played the Xiao Nai Yan values out, out of a casual posture temperament, the eye is a painting, fully restored in the novel god. Saying, Xiao Bian did not think Yang Yang is very handsome, but after this drama interpretation, his smile is just a look of a painting, the great God cool. If Yang Yang does not take a lot of Xiao Nai do the details of the deal, how will the audience of users so fascinated to see? Finally Xiaobian want to say is that as a novel adaptation of the drama or youth idol drama, Yan value is important, but to restore the character of the novel is more important. The character has been restored, and the character has been successful. Now the adaptation of all fiction drama disaster caused by flooding water, hope can give to the original book and powder of respect, heart and the reduction of the novel, it is that we want to see. More exciting content please pay attention @相关的主题文章: