You get me drunk, the Napa Valley winery Tour

many people go to California to see the famous university there, go shopping in Beverly Hills, fun fantasy Disney Park, but for Wine enthusiasts, < strong> is a Napa Valley winery in California had to go to the place of.

is the Napa Valley wine Valley, located in California, north of San Francisco, which is famous for the production of Wine, people are generally referred to as "Napa (Napa)", which means "fertile land". This is the first American to become a world-class wine origin. Looking for love in the Napa Valley winery wine is a serious matter, 5 wineries come see seven finishing out of the Napa Valley, not to be missed, one day to visit it is 2-3 winery visit best, seven Chau Napa Valley winery tour service.

1.Sterling Vineyards

Only a winery need to take the cable car to visit

Napa winery, the overall design is based on the outside of Greece and Mykonos architectural style manor white clean appearance is particularly bright and prominent in the mountains behind a wild profusion of vegetation, the St. Helena mountain just do the coordination of vision background. Here a beautiful outdoor terrace and elegant tasting room provided excellent Wine perfect environment, people can side wine in hand, watching the beautiful scenery of the Napa Valley.

winery address: 1111 Dunaweal Ln, Calistoga, CA 94515

2. Beringer Vineyards

One of the oldest winery in Napa Valley

has been operating since, so far the United States has a long history and one of the most award-winning winery, is regarded as the most iconic American winery. The only 7 wine Master inheritance of traditional Beringer and quality, is famous Wine appreciation and critic Robert Parker commented: "sixteen years ago, I visited the most outstanding Wine producer of many in the world, few wine quality like Bei Lingzhe made me greatly!" If you want to participate in wine tasting is Beringer, ahead of the best in their website to make an appointment, in the history of the winery also feel listen to drink two cups, is an artistic accomplishment.

winery address: 2000 Main;