You never knew the capital! Urban fringe

1, the development of the city, the more harmonious, but also some people have been ignored, that is the edge of the people. The street, often see beggars and shabby clothes to the homeless people, young people have them, some people at this time, my heart will always have infinite grief. I’ve always hated myself for not being able to make these people better off. I hate the harsh inequities in my life. Why are so many people who don’t get the happiness they want to live on? Once thought that the more developed the city, the less the poor, the happier people…… However, I found the fact that the opposite is true, and I can do is to record them, documentary, hoping to wake up and remind the relevant departments to pay attention to.

2, a sleep in Beijing the Imperial Palace corner streets are actually do not know under the snow outside the night.

A scavenger

3, Beijing in front of the train station.

4, obviously, the junkmen foot frostbite, and more serious!

5, the dog days of the Wangfujing, under the scorching sun, the brothers braved 40 degree heat in plastic "tumbler" clothing began to work in the hot streets to cool down, he had to dress into multiple frozen mineral water bottle.


7, Wangfujing street rovers.

8, Wangfujing street scavengers.

9, a scavenger from the trash picked up a bottle of water to drink, pick up a lunch to eat.


11, a scavenger sitting on the Wangfujing street, smoke from the ground to the fart.

12, a crowded Wangfujing, often seen in this corner of the scene.





17, Wuyutai Chazhuang in front of Wangfujing.

18, a scavenger looking at the ground to pick up the newspaper.

19, soliciting shopping guy.

20, a mother with children begging in the subway car.


22, the city’s fashion landmark Sanlitun this situation is more common.