Yunnan AIDS prevention and control mechanism to run well prevention and control system has be happynewyear

Long term mechanism for AIDS prevention and control of Yunnan province   prevention and control system has been extended to the village – Yunnan Channel – Kunming 10 October, "Yunnan Province, the third round of people’s war against AIDS for 5 years, Yunnan government attaches great importance to AIDS prevention and control work, adhere to the AIDS prevention and control work into the local government target responsibility management. The AIDS prevention and control work to do early planning, early research, early deployment, has formed the main leadership responsibility at all levels, leaders in charge of implementation, various departments to earnestly perform their duties, the whole society to mobilize and participate in the work of a good situation, and the control system extends to the village level." Recently, the relevant person in charge of Yunnan AIDS Bureau, told reporters. "Yunnan’s policy support mechanism is more and more perfect, in addition to the state, Yunnan Province promulgated the laws and regulations, the local governments at all levels in AIDS prevention and control work has also introduced a number of local policies." The responsible person said, for example, Honghe Prefecture in the third round of people’s war against AIDS in the state, the state government has formulated the "Honghezhou Third People’s war against AIDS plan" and other documents, to further clarify the AIDS prevention and control work objectives, funding and responsibilities of various departments, provided the institutional basis for the prevention and treatment of aids. In terms of the guarantee mechanism of funds for 2011-2015 years, the central and provincial, state (city), county (city, district) levels of financial aids in the cumulative use of special funds amounted to 2 billion 569 million 427 thousand and 100 yuan, compared with the 2008-2010 year increase of 1 billion 764 million 946 thousand yuan, up 219.39%. At the same time, local governments at all levels of AIDS prevention and control staff increased year by year, the strength is increasingly strengthened, the focus of training down, and achieved good results. Yunnan of Ruili province for rural doctors the problem of insufficient power, explore the establishment of rural doctors orientation training mechanism, training in 2014 2015 21, training 40 people, in 2017 the first batch will graduate into the work, it will be a powerful complement to the rural AIDS prevention and control of power. It is understood that, with the deepening of the third round of the people’s war, prevention and control of AIDS knowledge education and gradually promote the depth. Such as the Honghe Prefecture in October of each year as the State AIDS village village awareness month, and launched the first "red AIDS" official micro-blog, WeChat and other new media platform, publicity interpretation of AIDS prevention and control policy, universal knowledge of AIDS, accept friends advice, significant effect, the current urban residents’ knowledge of AIDS awareness was 96%. The students reached 98%, up to 92% rural residents, migrant workers reached 92%, up to 93% out of school adolescents. Primary and secondary schools in Ruili nursery school AIDS prevention and education coverage has reached 100%. It is worth mentioning that the multi sectoral cooperation in Yunnan to further improve the mechanism of AIDS prevention and control, multi sectoral participation and cooperation increasingly standardized. Multi sectoral cooperation continues to expand the scope, is not limited to the AIDS prevention committee member units, such as the organization department and the Party school work together to carry out AIDS prevention policy for all levels of leading cadres advocate training, etc.. AIDS prevention and control committee at all levels to enhance the ability of the office, in promoting multisectoral相关的主题文章: