Zha Zha taxi reform, about how the car will regulate the introduction of the implementation details vy canis majoris

How about car taxi network reform, how Henan will introduce the detailed rules for the implementation of standard source: Henan Daily reporter Li Jiangrui issued a national development, and the taxi industry net about car business services related to the opinions and measures in July this year, and specifically how to implement local, has been of great concern. Recently, the Henan provincial government issued a notice on deepening reform to promote the healthy development of the taxi industry. For traditional taxi fares, taxi companies in transition, as well as the network about car license, access, operation and retirement and other rules, etc., are clearly involved in the notice. The latest progress in Henan around the city, the detailed rules for the implementation of the report has been province in the "Office of the State Council on deepening the reform of the taxi industry to promote the healthy development of guidance", "network booking taxi management service management measures" issued after more than a month, the general Office of the Henan Provincial People’s government issued a "notice on deepening the reform of health promotion the development of the taxi industry" (hereinafter referred to as the notice). Notice of Henan in the city government made a request, require an accurate grasp of the taxi industry positioning, taxi services mainly include parades, online booking etc., should give priority to the development of moderate development of public transport, taxi, city traffic structure optimization. So, around the implementation of the reform program and the network about the implementation of the Interim Measures for the management of vehicles, when can we meet? The notice said, the city government in September 10th before the provincial leading group for deepening the reform work of the automotive industry in September 10th after the introduction of the rental office. For the transformation of the traditional taxi enterprises in our province, with encouragement, encourage the parade car through telecommunications, the Internet call service mode service, non cash payment to promote compliance with financial standards, expand the service function, the convenience of the public bus. Keywords: [] freight to establish a dynamic adjustment mechanism for the reform and development of the taxi industry, the traditional parade taxi (hereinafter referred to as the parade car) price is undoubtedly and the people most closely. Notice of the province in the country according to local conditions, considering the factors of taxi operation cost, residents and driver’s income level, traffic conditions, service quality, scientific and timely adjust the level and structure of freight car rental, to establish a dynamic adjustment mechanism of freight car rental. Development and Reform (price management) departments will determine the mechanism of the formation of cruise freight rates, and incorporated into the government pricing catalog. The relevant opinions and measures prior to the introduction of the country, has a clear new taxi franchise will be implemented restrictions and free use, taxi franchise existing non specific operating period or has the right to compensation for the use of business, will gradually cancel the fees paid for the use of. Key words: Network about the car and the state have a permit to run for the network about the interim management of the car, the notice and the state announced the same way. It is also the location of the taxi service administrative departments in accordance with the law to implement administrative licensing, the issuance of relevant documents, the network about the car can provide non scheduled taxi service.相关的主题文章: