Zhang Tianai Yang Yang’s birthday will send blessings to new cooperation plants war

Zhang Tianai Yang Yang’s birthday will send blessings to new cooperation Sina entertainment news the evening of October 29th, actor Zhang Tianai held 2016 "love" to meet Zhang Tianai will celebrate his birthday and thank the fans in Beijing. Meet the scene, the host said it looks like Brigitte Lin [micro-blog], Zhang Tian’ai jokes, his thirteen year old long way. In addition, screenwriter Zhang Jiajia also came to the scene to celebrate the movie "passing from your world" breaking eight hundred million at the box office, the film by Deng Chao [micro-blog], Bai Baihe [micro-blog], [micro-blog] Yang Yang, Zhang Tianai starring. Yang Yang also sent a blessing VCR also said two people look forward to a new play. It is reported that they will be in the TV drama "in" Wu move back together again. Thirteen year old long way up boyfriend fans bursting with locomotive play, dance appearance, Zhang Tian’ai remained the strongest boyfriend force ", she describes herself as" men and women kill the little girl". Zhang Tianai has joked site moderator Brigitte Lin feeling, Zhang Tianai responded, "I was now grown from thirteen years old, estimated for another ten years or so." In "Liao Fan", Zhang Tian’ai immediately turned overbearing president in front of fans, pointing to his shoulders, "it is not lying!" The audience fans were dubbed it as "husband", her "husband is really handsome!" Zhang Jiajia celebrates breaking eight hundred million at the box office by Deng Chao, Yang Yang is looking forward to new cooperation Bai Baihe, Yang Yang, Zhang Tianai starring movie "passing from your world" at the box office, breaking the eight hundred million mark, meeting held a special ceremony, screenwriter Zhang Jiajia came to the scene to send birthday wishes. Deng Chao, Li Chen, Joker [micro-blog] [micro-blog] and other friends also sent a blessing in the video, TV drama "Zhang Tianai" Wu move back and co star Yang Yang in the video that "and look forward to your new drama oh!" (Intern Bai Mowen Xia Qi Chen Wen Nanyin photography and video) (commissioning editor: Lolo)相关的主题文章: