[Zhejiang] financial media tour huangtandong, hidden in the depths of the village – Yandang temperam doat

[Zhejiang] financial media tour huangtandong, hidden in the depths of the temperament after Yandang village – Sohu traveling as innumerable twists and turns of the mountain, the car finally stopped. The impression of the routine, it is still flourishing, leafy green mountains and rivers; in general, but the first to attract me, it is a hollow vegetable, a hoe, and an old woman. The silver haired, purple blouse, black breasted apron, like on the wind from the lively hubbub around the eye, the elderly still in bend, turn the soil repair hoe, seriously continued facing the Loess back into the air "of life, even the people of Wuling curious" without glancing up ". I believe that this is not a temporary state, but a long time after the accumulation of simple show, I believe that this is a kind of temperament. If the inquiry "temperament" meaning from the textual perspective, there may be lots of professional terms, however, and generally understand the interest rate through the core meaning of only one, that is "stable and compelling state, external or internal. People have temperament, villages have temperament. The village is located in Wenzhou Yueqing, some hard to pronounce the name, called huangtandong. In addition to the traffic may be an important reason, it is also the name of less known; however, it can be seen that a famous village, the village people do not care, so. Here, nobody sees us as "exotic scenery" stop, no flash face "business to" surprise, wash, carry, and tiled bamboo chickens, chat…… All the same, and above the old man for the hoe, leisurely, contented their. To many ancient villages in Jiangnan, some already famous, will inevitably be added "designed to please the audience" marks; in contrast, huangtandong is quiet but not lonely, hidden in the same most willing to the famous Yandang deep. "Human nature two affordable," surrounded by mountains, meandering streams, lush vegetation, houses stocky, ancient villages of traditional elements in the memory, there are very real. Face the truth, no matter the memory fresh or ethereal, as soon as the connection, it is easy to cause lenovo. "Let that, hey, hey, the elderly carrying a long bamboo, down from the slope Suibu turn, bamboo pole gently on the ground, and the cage in one place, and then looked at, hurriedly pass me a smile. In this scene, and when encountered in Yuhang Jingshan very alike! The village near the mountain, bamboo forest, tall and straight into the sky. If the wind, bamboo leaves rustle up slightly, and I can imagine people drunk eyes to listen to the picture, especially in the summer; then again, maybe I will sit in the slope, until the cicadas are sleeping, little stars in the sky…… Picture beautiful, good shade. Indeed, poetry ink blank, bamboo is usually used as shade for what atmosphere, set off? Houses scattered smoke. Huangtandong village housing is made of stones, is worthy of the name "stone village," similar to the "Panan wushi". Walk village, I have long time stay in the side of the front wall, looking at those sizes, a different stone. As if messy, careful look, but found that in fact with a clear texture, coupled with deep color, together with the flat 8相关的主题文章: