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Zheng Zhi: elected or not for the Orangemen refueling team need to regain the confidence of Zheng Zhi sina sports news on October 10th, Guangzhou Heng brigade captain Zheng Zhi accepted the media interview in Guangzhou, talking about the Super League, the national team’s topic, Zheng Zhi bluntly: in the four round of Super League to fight the winner of this year’s super champion. Although he was not selected for this time the national team training camp, but has been full of confidence in the national team, the national team will be able to believe in playing the game with Uzbekistan. I hope to get super match against Yongchang first, Guangzhou Heng brigade recently talked about the state of Zheng Zhi said: we have been good in the interim period before the state, whether it is the league, the FA Cup and have achieved good results. When the intermittent period, players have gone, another team also had several injuries, but left the player training system, the state can also, do not know what will be back after the international body, but to the left of the players are training very hard, also hope to continue to back in good condition. This weekend, Guangzhou Hengda in Shijiazhuang away against the Yongchang team, Zheng Zhi said the game is particularly crucial: we must fight to get the league title this year now, now there are four league games, we need two wins, so this game for us is the key, if you win the match point. So all of our players are getting ready for the game, the game will be very difficult, the Shijiazhuang team in the relegation, where last year we did not win, so I hope to have good results this year. Accept squad, no matter what will support then the discussion then fell on the national team, for this period are not included in Gao Jun, Zheng Zhi said: do not think too much, because I always regard themselves as a member of the national team, although sometimes were sometimes unsuccessful, but this is for the players a normal thing, should the serenity to accept the things. Although the last round of the national team lost, but the twelve season is very long, there are ten games to play, every game is very critical, every game should not give up, so we should forget as soon as possible lost the last game, cheer up as soon as possible, to the back of the game play. In the last game, the national team offensive organizations have been criticized, the media and fans think that if Zheng Zhi in the midfield scheduling, then the situation may be better. On this issue, Zheng Zhi said: fans can trust me, first of all, I would like to thank them for their support. But the reason why so many people like to watch football, this is a group project, a person can not match the trend and results. The game lost, not a person to play well, not a person can win the game, there is no such a person in the world. The game is the need for eleven people to play, play badly or lose, is the reason for all. Therefore, as a fan, or players, can not have been entangled in a game of defeat, but should look forward to look far. A total of ten games, a very long game, not because of a loss of confidence in the loss of the game, so we have to strengthen their beliefs and ideas of the twelve. )相关的主题文章: