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Zhou Jie show four times "Princess" and Zhou Jie Zhou Jie was proud of Sina entertainment news from the Beijing satellite TV, Beijing xinbaoyuan Film Investment Co. Ltd., Beijing Culture Communication Co., Ltd. a thousand years as the Beijing Beijing satellite Culture Communication Co., Chinese cooperation to create the first file original comedy show "Star Cross competitive cross-border comedy king" on 20:30 Saturday night blockbuster launch. The show premiered, surprises, you have to join the comedy crossover artist brokers mettle, show different areas and different style of humorous performances, bring diverse comedy feast for the audience. Zhou Jie [micro-blog] to create a new version of the expression package all the friends shouted to pay!" As a senior acting school, Zhou Jie brings a lot of excellent film and television works to the audience. But the most well known is he plays "Huanzhugege" series of kang. I do not know when, Kang expression package became national expression package, for they have been labeled "expression package" label, Zhou Jie also served in the "king of comedy" cross site news conference made a brief response: hope the audience to recognize themselves through their own works, rather than face pack. On Saturday night 20:30 "cross-border comedy king" in Beijing satellite TV grand premiere, outstanding performance you get the audience applause cross-border guests, "the expression package" Zhou Jie is the first cross-border comedy together, "cousin" Sun Nan [micro-blog] offer comic "so anchor", the red gang secret network characteristics, two people with the tacit understanding attracted the audience applauded again and again. After the broadcast version of "Zhou Jie and Sun Nan" look funny is becoming a new form of many netizens, many netizens said, "I only take Zhou Jie’s expression package! The new version of the bill!" For this attempt, Zhou Jie also said he was very memorable. Show Zhou Jie, Sun Nan married two people two people were funny, exaggeration, humor show each net red anchor special skills to the audience, singing songs, dancing for exaggerated hi sexy, for his help struck chowhound on-line, mysterious help sell adorable cute and vivid performance of the two people were divided by lot. Kang return! Four recalling the "fair play emotional card" against the knockout Zhou Jie in the first phase of "cross-border comedy king" performances, not only the content close to the tide of the times, I was on his way to "self destruct" image of the farther, the performance that’s pretty awesome, Zhou Jie wearing a lovely rabbit ears sell adorable part. Is to become the new users face package delivery and the new Zhou Jie expression package again maxed out various social platforms. 20:30 on Saturday, a new issue of cross-border comedy king is about to broadcast. Zhou Jie, comedian Li Jing, will continue to expand the "Chinese cultural tour" in the form of comic dialogue, which will bring a real significance to the audience. In the program, Zhou Jie go crazy nostalgia, four consecutive recall "Princess" in the exciting viewing event, Zhou Jie face pride, unable to restrain the emotions to sing "theme song fair". In Zhou Jie’s memory, the audience is also a positive response, and with the Zhou Jie chorus of applause again and again. When Li Jing interrupted Zhou Jie concert, the audience still seem boundless. So, this week, Zhou Jie will not be because of this heavyweight "love card" in the first knockout round triumph in the pack? )相关的主题文章: